Iran lawmakers: No shipment of uranium abroad

TEHRAN, Iran Senior Iranian lawmakers rejected on Saturday any possibility of Tehran shipping uranium abroad for further enrichment, intensifying pressures on the government to reject the U.N.-backed plan altogether.

Prominent conservative lawmaker Alaeddin Boroujerdi said Iran won't ship its low enriched uranium abroad in a single batch or in several shipments, a compromise suggested by some government officials, under any circumstances.

"Nothing will be given of the 1,200 kilograms (of low enriched uranium) ... to the other side in exchange for 20 percent enriched fuel, not in one batch nor in several. It is out of question," the semiofficial ISNA news agency quoted Boroujerdi as saying Saturday.

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This is further evidence that Iran needs to be stopped at all costs. If Iran was only pursing nuclear energy, they would not have an issue accepting this plan.

Clearly, they are attempting to build nuclear weapons and must be stopped at all costs.

Iran can stop or be stopped.

I am now beginning to favor taking out Iran's primary infrastructure, military bases, and sea ports.

Iran WILL NOT have nuclear weapons EVER.