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Not in Parisian suburbs.
Hmm okay I admit that I am not up to date with the French ISP market, but those areas of Europe I have been there has always been alternatives in ISPs, even in the rural areas most often.

But saying that, the European telecommunications market might be liberalized on paper, but it is still a work in progress in most countries. This is more than often due to the old monopoly companies fighting it tooth and nail and government having to constantly step in and force these companies to play according the laws. That is provided that government is not behind the "fighting tooth and nail"...

I know that in Denmark the old monopoly company only very recently was forced to lower what it charges other companies to use the phone network. And in Spain there is a tit for tat battle between Telefonica (old monopoly company) and new companies when it comes to ADSL and phones. For example Telefonica have and still do disconnect the phone lines when you switch over to another provider, forcing said provider to send out a man to reconnect you to the very same box... kinda funny and annoying. In Spain the nr. 1 complaint to the Ombudsman in local councils and on national scale is telephone and ADSL services. But then again compared to northern Europe, Spain is in the dark ages telecommunications wise.

Point is, while the European ISP and telecommunications market is liberalised it is not all roses and cake so to say, but at least for the most part we have many alternatives in most areas, something I understand often is not the case in the US.