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Shifting demand, not wealth redistribution.
Extending unemployment benefits has cost additional billions from the treasury. The treasury gets it's funding from taxes. Taxes take money from those that have earned it and transfers the money to the government.

Pigouvian taxation, not wealth redistribution.
What the hell does that mean? If you add new costs to business, they pass those costs on to consumers so that they still make a profit. The "fees" from cap and trade are paid to the government who then use them for whatever they choose. Usually, whatever they think will garner them enough votes to get re-elected. If I take money from you via taxes and give it to someone who doesn't want to work, how is that NOT wealth redistribution? Do you have your own vocabulary where words mean something different to you than they do to everyone else?


Obama blocks offshore drilling - Washington Times

If the republicans can put together a serious contender for the presidency, then i will most likely vote for them. If not and/or the economy as well as health care improves Obama wins.
At this point in time, anyone who can tell the truth twice in a row would be better than Obama. If he gets this health care bill passed, it won't even be implemented until 2013, after the next presidential election. Convenient, huh? He will be able to claim great accomplishments without anything actually having changed by that time.