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Thread: Albino victim evicted from safe-house

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    Albino victim evicted from safe-house

    What is it about Africa?
    One year ago, Mariam Staford Bandaba, an albino woman living in Tanzania, was viciously attacked by a machete-wielding gang who tried to kill her and sell her remains for witchcraft.

    She escaped with her life, but only just.
    BBC NEWS | Africa | Albino victim evicted from safe-house

    Albinos, who are pale because of a lack of pigment in their skin, have been routinely killed because witchdoctors say that potions made with their body parts will bring good fortune in love, life and business to those who use them.

    The killings have also spread to neighbouring Burundi where at least 12 people have been murdered.

    The victims were mutilated and their body parts are believed to have been sold in Tanzania to make potions.

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    Re: Albino victim evicted from safe-house

    Three words, Drum:

    Lack of education.

    It's sad and pathetic that such ignorance is happening today, in today's era of easy information.
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