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Thread: Motorcycle safety study is underway in Los Angeles

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    Motorcycle safety study is underway in Los Angeles

    Motorcycle safety study is underway in Los Angeles --

    The $3.1-million study, being conducted by Oklahoma State University researchers, is looking at why crash deaths have soared in the last decade. Some say the sample size of 300 crashes is too small.
    The first major study of motorcycle crashes in nearly 30 years is underway in Los Angeles, as researchers attempt to pinpoint why resultant fatalities have soared over the last decade to constitute 14% of all roadway deaths, despite the fact that motorcycles account for less than 1% of vehicle miles traveled.

    There are plenty of theories to explain the increase: The number of motorcycles on the road rose from 3.9 million in 1998 to 7.1 million in 2007; motorcycles are more powerful than they used to be; riders are older, now averaging 41 years of age; and many states have repealed their helmet laws.

    But there are no clear answers.
    Please note two things to begin with. 1. The cost of the study $3.1-million. Are they kidding, spending this kind of money during a recession is just asinine at the outset.
    2. And I quote there are no clear answers to the question why the increase in deaths in motorcycle accidents. Let's see we have the average age of those killed at 41 and an increase in riders along with an increase in the number of vehicles on the road over all. Gee I wonder.

    Regardless of what the final report on the study says my response to it is so what, big deal who cares. We have helmet laws in place in most states and the only recommendation that could possibly come from what ever they decide is out law motorcycles all together or restrict their use to people under the age of 40 and over the age of 21 and only then if they have taken and past an expensive training course. Oh yes they will also increase the cost of insurance by more than 100% and add some kind of extra tax to help pay for the emergency responders time and efforts at accident.

    Having been a rider for 40 years I can answer all their questions in two minutes and I would do so for only $20,000 saving them a great deal of time and money.
    I would however caution everyone that nothing good ever comes out of these studies and restriction and increased costs often do. A while back California was doing a study on whether to tax soda and say it was because they were concerned about health issues as a way to raise tax funds. Now the whole Nation is getting ready and it's all about saving the children.

    Any time you hear that anything is about saving the chilren there is a 99% chance the children and their safety only came up after the tax was decided on and they figured okay let's use the usual lie to force it down the stupid public's throat.
    This is not a conspiracy theory it's a prediction based on past track records and observations of the Socialist, Nanny, I know what's good for you because you're too dumb to think for your self State of things we live in.
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