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Thread: A way to get back on track [Special court for veterans]

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    A way to get back on track [Special court for veterans]

    Please read and answer the poll.

    I like the idea, but is this going to give one segment of society an advantage over another section of society, in that they may receive special treatment under the law?

    At this point, I am in favor of it, since veterans return from combat with special problems, and dealing with those problems will yield better results than just locking them up in jail. Also, since they did fight for our country, doing a job that is tough, and sometimes thankless, so that the rest of us can sleep safely at night, knowing that our nation is safe, I don't think it is asking too much to give a little something back to those soldiers who may need a little help.

    One more point - Texas is known as a "lock 'em up and throw away the key" state, but instead of locking up offenders, I believe that dealing with those who have real problems is a better solution in that, instead of pouring a lot of taxpayer money down the drain by incarcerating them, we can make some of them contributors to society once again. This should be on a case by case basis, though, with those who cannot be rehabilitated getting weeded out early.

    I think these courts should be made available to everyone, but it is good that at least the veterans will be getting this. Will support expanding it. In the end, not only will it be the right thing to do, but it will be less expensive than just locking people up.

    Article is here.
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    Re: A way to get back on track [Special court for veterans]

    I don't like the concept of treating any group of people specially, even veterans. Things like service and personal record are why there is a range of punishments for breaking laws. A vet with a good record can be given a lesser sentence than a nonvet with a long record of crime.
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    Re: A way to get back on track [Special court for veterans]

    Special courts are not acceptable with our legal system. While the considerations you mentioned are reasonable for determining sentencing perhaps, such courts would undermine equality of justice. I think that vets should receiver better medical treatment to offset such problems, but ultimately they are still just people like the rest of us in the eyes of the law.

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    Re: A way to get back on track [Special court for veterans]

    Diplock Courts were introduced in the UK, they, in my opinion where a stain on our legal history.A vets record should only be introduce to mitigate the punishment.

    The focus should be on assisting the Vet to re-intergrate on return.

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