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Thread: 30,383: First Tally On Stimulus Jobs

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    Re: 30,383: First Tally On Stimulus Jobs

    Quote Originally Posted by Metternich View Post
    You really need to look at the data, you clearly have no idea how the US Government is even broken down. Teachers, police and firemen are not even a part of the figures released by the Federal Government - that all falls under the 'state stimulus' umbrella.
    And you need to learn to read. We are talking about overall stimulus money.

    Prove how they are alike. What, we're both 'white?'
    Lets see.. elected officials both in the US and Europe are the ones who ultimately decide where such money goes no? Or is it private corrupt people who choose family and friends in the US?

    Are there not rules on how government (local to federal) buys things in the US? I mean since when does the government except in war go with no bid contracts? And since when are such bidding rounds less than a month long? And how fast does local government actually choose the correct bidder.. days, weeks or even months?

    Even local officials have to the law in both places no? I mean just because you are in a recession does not mean the US constitution and law books go out the window. You still also have vote on such projects on both sides of the pond no? I mean a local bridge can not be fixed without having approval of the local authorities right? Or is it the wild west and people do whatever they want over there?

    General statements about red tape only prove our point. The government could never go quickly about dispensing this amount of money. It is too slow, too ineffcient and too retarded.
    And who else should do it?

    Seven months is an extremely long time to be living on unemployment insurance. Seven months is an extremely long time for the Dow to reach 10,00. Seven months is an extremely long time for GM to go bankrupt. Seven months is an extremely long time. Don't get around it... It is a long time to be in a Depression.
    Yes it is, but you know as well as I do, government does not work as fast as everyone wants too or expects too, especially when one side of the political spectrum is actively trying to block things.

    And you cant freaking build bridges or rail lines that fast especially if there are no plans in place...That is my point.

    Which just destroys your own point. It's impossible for the government to do this. /thread

    Look at all your reasons why it isn't happening, and I'll tell you I agree. I'll go further and say those reasons are also why it shouldn't happen.
    All my reasons are very valid if you had any clue on how things work in the real world. No government or company in the world works fast period when we are talking about multi million if not billion dollar projects. Is 7 months slow? Totally depends on what we are talking about and you and the others know it. All you want is to score cheap political points against the Obama administration while ignoring the way things actually do work in the real world.

    No, just because a multi billion dollar stimulus plan is passed in Feb of this year, does it mean that that money will all be used within the first few days. You totally ignore the fact that big money projects do require planning, do require bidding rounds if private contractors are called in, and do require local approval as well. All this takes time, especially if there is cockblocking by "opposition" people.

    So take your partisan shots at the obama adminsitration, but I choose to live in the real world. Yes it could go faster, but 7 months is nothing when talking about multi billion dollar stimulus plans, especially if you are looking for results. Even a freaking tax break takes a minimum 6 months to show any result and usually longer.

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    Re: 30,383: First Tally On Stimulus Jobs


    so much empty argumentation

    a shovel is a shovel

    Yahoo! Image Search Results for shovel

    Quote Originally Posted by PeteEU View Post
    Yes it could go faster
    there ya go

    Quote Originally Posted by PeteEU View Post
    especially if you are looking for results

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