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Thread: Balloon Boy Barfing - hoax gone wrong?

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    Re: Balloon Boy Barfing - hoax gone wrong?

    Quote Originally Posted by jallman View Post
    It was really funny and pathetic the way the 10 o'clock news covered the "southern california connection" (their words) to this story. They went to his former home in Burbank, got a former disgruntled landlord to talk for FIVE minutes about how the house was left in less than perfect condition when they moved out, another FIVE minutes about how he was such a horrible bad mean man and his kids shouldn't be with him. Then they spent 15 seconds at the very end stating that every other neighbor or person they spoke to said he loved his kids more than anything in the world and that he was a good father. THEN they reiterated what the disgruntled landlord said.

    The media in this country is a friggin joke.

    Local news is particularly pathetic. Our tv newscasts are okay, and a few minutes per day of them are interesting but our local paper is the lamest damn thing I've ever read.

    Actually, there's kind of a free upstart few-pages-long daily that is actually interesting.

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    Re: Balloon Boy Barfing - hoax gone wrong?

    I have to revise my remarks due to the fact that my info was old. I've heard now that the boy let the cat out of the bag on TV. I was only aware of what the initial news stories said. Therefore it appears that it was in fact a true hoax.
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