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Thread: DC Students Make Significant Strides on National Math Test

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    DC Students Make Significant Strides on National Math Test

    D.C. public school students made significant strides in mathematics in the past two years even as students nationwide showed more modest gains or none at all, the federal government reported Wednesday.
    I'm a big fan of Michelle Rhee, and I think this shows that her approach to education is being vindicated. She is a strong supporter of school choice and charter schools. Even amidst unfortunate budget cuts, she has been able to hold teachers accountable and fire those who are underperforming. And students are performing better as a result.

    This is some good news that couldn't have come at a better time. The teacher's union here in DC is running a series of nasty attack ads against Michelle Rhee and Mayor Fenty. Hopefully this story will cause them to eat crow for a little while.
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