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Thread: Ammunition Bill Signed into Law

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    Re: Ammunition Bill Signed into Law

    Quote Originally Posted by jackalope View Post
    Your characterization of my posts as hyperpartisan is a reflection on you.
    way to take yourself down a notch

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    Quote Originally Posted by jallman View Post
    How the hell did you just tie in a retroactive reparative measure with a proactive preventative measure. Not even close to being the same thing.

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    Re: Ammunition Bill Signed into Law

    A couple of points here.

    1. California already has a gun registration database that has been in existance since at least 1972 (the first point that I could find a record of it). All sales of guns by a store or gun dealer have to be reported to the state and the state enters all that data into a master database. Every gun sale since 1986 has to be handled by a registered firearms dealer and the transaction data sent to the state.

    2. Most stores only stock a relative few of the most popular loads for the most popular weapons. If you are trying to purchase ammunition for foreign manufactured weapons, antiques or odd ball calibers, you may not be able to buy ammunition in your town, county or even state. This bill bans internet or mail order ammunition or reloading supplies. This renders many weapons unusable as without ammunition, a gun is nothing more than a very solid stick.

    3. What part of "shall not be infringed" is it that all you liberals can't seem to understand? This law puts unreasonable burdens on people trying to exercise their 2nd amendment rights. Lets put the same provisions on 1st amendment activities and sompare the reactions.

    It would go something like this. Before you can make a statement of a political nature, you must go to a licensed 1st amendment facility to get your finger pint taken. You then may only make so many political statements before having to repeat the process. A box of ammunition is typically 20 rounds so you get 20 sentences.

    If you want your statements to be heard across state lines (purchase ammunition over the Internet or through mail), you must register as a business, pay for all the business permits and taxes, then keep scrupulous records of all you statements, who heard them and what media carried them. These records must be kept available forever and must always be available for inspection at any time by anyone in law enforcement or the government.

    Since words cause more problems in this country than guns do, I think enforcing the rules I suggested above on politicians would go far towards stopping violence in America. After all, almost all crimes of passion (shootings, beatings, knifings, etc.) are first precluded with strong words.

    Also, this is an email I received today.

    Governor Schwarzenegger/California Lawmakers Squander Limited Financial Resources on Firearm Owner Registration Scheme

    Fairfax, Va. - Governor Schwarzenegger has signed a severe yet impotent gun control measure into law. Assembly Bill 962, taking effect on February 1, 2011, mandates individuals purchasing ammunition to be fingerprinted and registered at the time of sale and outlaws mail order ammunition purchases. AB 962 also requires dealers to maintain these records indefinitely and make them available for inspection by the California Department of Justice. As an additional burden, ammunition retailers are also required to store ammunition away from purchasers. AB 692 also failed to garner support from Attorney General Brown, and any law enforcement organization. In fact, 15 sheriffs wrote letters of opposition to this legislation.

    “This law presents intrusive and unnecessary burdens that will only affect law-abiding firearm retailers and gun-owners…not criminals,” said Chris W. Cox, NRA chief lobbyist. “At a time when California is facing dire budget problems, California has squandered valuable resources in policing law-abiding Californians instead of investing in substantive measures that target criminals. More than two decades ago, Congress abolished similar requirements to U.S. federal law because ammunition sales records were found to be ineffective for solving crimes. It is indeed regrettable that foolish minds and bogus arguments prevailed over common sense and empirical evidence.”

    Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed Senate Bill 585, a bill that would have prohibited the sale of firearms and ammunition on the property or inside the buildings that comprise the Cow Palace in Daly City, just outside of San Francisco. He also signed Senate Bill 175, which will exempt gunsmiths from a vague California law. This exemption will now allow for the exchange of a firearm to or from a gunsmith for purposes of service or repair.

    “Governor Schwarzenegger acted in the interest of good public policy with his actions to SB 585 and SB 175. But, in signing AB 962, he has paved the way for one of the most intrusive and ineffective gun control laws that California has seen in recent years,” said Cox.

    The National Rifle Association will review all possible options to remove this draconian, requirement from California statute, and will assess legislative and legal remedies to do so.


    Bolding is mine.

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    Re: Ammunition Bill Signed into Law

    solving crime has NOTHING to do with these idiotic laws.
    Quote Originally Posted by jet57 View Post
    Yeah; a shotgun IS a rifle; it uses a different load.

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