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Thread: Swine flu jab link to killer nerve disease: Leaked letter reveals concern of neurolog

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    Re: Swine flu jab link to killer nerve disease: Leaked letter reveals concern of neur

    Quote Originally Posted by dirtpoorchris View Post
    I thought that they where getting so many swabs that they stopped testing. And NOW 99% are swine flu.
    That's because it's not (ordinary) flu season right now. At least not in the South, where H1N1 is most prevalent.
    Also, because H1N1 is a virus we've not been exposed to before, we have no natural immunity to it. If we encounter it, we'll probably catch it.
    That's the bottom line on that.
    It's so prevalent in my city right now that hospitals have had to erect large tents in their parking lots to deal with the overflow of flu patients (and to keep them segregated from other patients who don't have flu).
    There's no way it would be feasible to test each flu patient for swine flu at this time. There are too many of them.
    The good news is that nearly all are recovering, and maybe, even without a vaccine, we'll all have some natural immunity to H1N1 built up within the next few years, and maybe next year it won't hit us so hard.

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    Re: Swine flu jab link to killer nerve disease: Leaked letter reveals concern of neur

    Quote Originally Posted by PeteEU View Post
    Eh? Where the hell did I state anything of the sort in that post?
    I've got no interest in quibbling with you about this again, but it's pretty obvious what you were implying with this:

    I find that mind boggling.... the supposed lead on this pandemic has no clue on how many have been sick or died of the pandemic....
    I believe the reason was it was officially a pandemic and hence no need to count, since the counting was only done to see if the technical aspects of announcing a pandemic were met.. yea a lame excuse. Over here we count every death and sick person still.
    Well I disagree. A large part of the people who die due to the swine flu, die not per say due to the flu it self, but because their immune system or health is in some way compromised or lacking. That is just like most people who die of AIDS dont die of AIDS it self, but because their immune system is crap and simple things like the flu is deadly.

    I know for a fact that in the UK and in Spain they list every week or so how many new cases that are reported (note the reported) and each time a person dies from the swine flu or because of complications due the swine flu and complications it is noted. For example, 3 people have died in the province of Spain I live in due to the swine flu.

    While we never can be 100% exact, at least they are counting it. I understand counting how many have been effected is damn hard since far from everyone goes to the doctor since the effect of the swine flu is different from person to person, but deaths should be pretty simple to record. After all a doctor has to list cause of death and so on, on a death certificate.

    And no it is not some US vs Europe thing.. I just find it hard to believe that the CDC cant get a clear picture of numbers of deaths.. number of sick sure, but deaths?
    And again, that's because it's impractical. They have a good idea of the range of numbers, but it's by no means precise. If you think the numbers you're getting in the UK or Spain are significantly more accurate, you're deluding yourself.

    The CDC has nine ways of monitoring influenza. Some focus on people who die from flu-like illness one tracking deaths of children, another counting pneumonia and flu deaths of all ages in 122 cities.

    Other systems gather flu-testing information from labs across the country. And some rely on reports of flu-like illness from hospital emergency departments and from estimates from state and territorial health officials.

    Those systems combine to give a good general picture of whether more or fewer people are going to the doctor with flu, and how often lab samples are showing swine flu as compared to other respiratory bugs, health officials say.

    There are problems that make even that data incomplete or inaccurate. Rapid flu tests which are used in counting hospitalizations are often wrong when they indicate a patient doesn't have swine flu, CDC studies have shown. In some cases, flu or swine flu was only confirmed at autopsy. But most deaths are not autopsied.

    These problems are not unique to the United States. The World Health Organization also stopped counting cases in July, after deciding that tracking individual swine flu cases was too overwhelming for countries where the virus was spreading widely. The WHO has continued to update swine flu reports, but with the disclaimer that since countries are no longer required to test and report cases, WHO's numbers underestimate.

    Britain also releases weekly swine flu updates, but the numbers are estimates based on how many people go to their doctors with flu-like illness, as well as calls logged to the national flu service.
    The Associated Press: US, other nations stop counting pandemic flu cases
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