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Thread: Reid Faces Tough Job in Crafting Health Bill

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    Re: Reid Faces Tough Job in Crafting Health Bill

    Quote Originally Posted by American View Post
    Well he said the war in Iraq was lost once. Does that count?
    Yes he did.
    Was that a lie?
    A lie, about a war, propogated for political gain?

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    Re: Reid Faces Tough Job in Crafting Health Bill

    Quote Originally Posted by disneydude View Post
    He's been trying to cater to the moderate Republicans for a couple of months now. When will he realize that the party of No is not interested in any type of healthcare reform?
    Theres only one problem with this....

    Harry Reid blasts Republicans for opposing health care plan

    For a guy trying to be a centrist he sure does sound more like a partisan hack that cannot admit (in public) that the reasons Dems cannot pass the bill is because members of his own party are against it.
    "The problem in defense is how far you can go without destroying from within what you are trying to defend from without."

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    Re: Reid Faces Tough Job in Crafting Health Bill

    reid is busy "behind the scenes" trying, at the president's behest, to include the public option in the merge

    read the links provided, you'll see

    baucus, meanwhile, cancelled his committee vote for today

    he's waiting for cbo to score, he says

    last week, he preempted votes in committee on rockefeller's and wyden's amendments on po

    the gatekeeper suddenly (LOL!) discovered, with 12 hours notice, yom kippur

    when the vote went down, rockefeller lost 13 to 10

    baucus, conrad, nelson, carper and lincoln sided with the reds

    wyden fell 12 to 11

    the point---baucus cancelled today because he's scared, clearly

    rockefeller and wyden will kill him because his bill is too centrist

    if cbo comes down later this week with unfriendly numbers, that's it

    officially, that is

    cbo will be the last say

    cbo was kind to baucus, but then the gatekeeper changed everything

    he reduced the fines, he raised the threshold on cadillacs

    all to the detriment of the cost curve

    either way, obamacare has no chance in the big picture

    for about 45 reasons stated at the top of this thread

    hr3200, for instance, has no chance on nancy's floor




    you'll see

    olbermann interviewed former finance chief of staff o'donnell tonite

    they're preparing the world for life without this issue

    read the signs

    have a wonderful wednesday, all

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