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After all who needs cat hair flavored browmies.
The cat hair is really the least of your potential problems. For the most part, kitties, especially indoor house cats are relatively clean. I can't say that for rats, roaches, mice and ants. And if you have lots of insects, odds are you probably have lizards (if you live in a somewhat tropical area). And these lizards are known for carrying all sorts of bacteria and viruses. And if you have lots of those, odds are you aren't cleaning your kitchen or sanitizing it. So you are also at risk for bacteria contamination in addition to all of the beasties carried by the various vermin infestation.

Some school districts across the US have already banned home made goods. There's a reason why states do not allow people who run food stands to make the food at non-inspected sites. Interesting why we don't often apply the same standards to our children.