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Thread: Chicago doesn't get 2016 Olympics

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    Re: Chicago doesn't get 2016 Olympics

    ^ Double speak hypocrisy....nothing more....nothing less.
    <font size=5><b>Its been several weeks since the Vegas shooting.  Its it still "Too Early" or can we start having the conversation about finally doing something about these mass shootings???​</b></font>

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    Re: Chicago doesn't get 2016 Olympics

    Quote Originally Posted by PeteEU View Post
    Yea funny how the righties "forget" how their dear leader acted during his 8 years.

    Lets recap..

    487 days at Camp David..

    490 days at his ranch in Texas.

    Total days away from the White House at these 2 locations ALONE is 977 days.. that is about 1/3 of his total presidency. To this you add additional travelling to other countries, political rallies and fund raisers and "photo ops"..

    And the right is all up in arms over a few hours in Europe... gezzz.
    And I remember the Bush apologists defending with points such as "Air Force 1 is a flying White House," and "There is nothing he can do in DC that he can't do from Crawford."

    Now I'm just waiting for the Obama apologists to start whining the same arguments defending their guy. It's like Bizarro World. Up is down. The right starts sounding like the left and vice versa. This is all making me dizzy.

    It's GREAT to be me. --- "45% liberal/55% conservative"
    Diplomacy is the art of saying 'nice doggy" until you can find a gun.

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    Re: Chicago doesn't get 2016 Olympics

    Quote Originally Posted by zimmer View Post
    I figured you wouldn't get it.

    Bush... 2008... Lame Duck. Attends and OPENING.
    Obama 2010... Hope and Change heading towards the end of a miserable year. He goes to win a vote. The press pants pathetically about "their star power".

    YouTube - Boom Goes the Dynamite

    And political capital is spent on what?
    A meaningless event in the Grand Scheme.
    Nice entertainment... but politcally meaningless unless an American President sticks his political neck out.


    Need I explain it again???

    Why did you need to post that video that always makes me feel awful for that guy?
    A message to both the Left and the Right. Ari Ne'eman-"People with disabilities deserve better than to be used as props in the country’s ongoing — and so far stalemated — arguments over gun control."

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