Michael O’Leary accused of grubby deal as Irish prepare for Lisbon vote - Times Online

With only one full day left to make their arguments — tomorrow is a day of reflection before Friday’s vote — the “no” camp focused its anger on Michael O’Leary, the Ryanair chief.
My opinion on this is clear enough.
In the hands of the Irish, Czechs and Poles lies the right of the British, and the other member states, to govern themselves.

I am hopeful that the Irish have the common sense to throw out the Treaty/Constitution trash and I pray that they will do so.

If Ireland votes 'Yes'. We still have a chance of burning this treaty through the Poles and the Czechs whose senators are mounting another legal challenging enabling it to be stalled until the British general election in which the Conservatives will call a referedum.

It's strange that our fate is now with Ireland...
Many thanks to the Irish for rejecting it last time. Please do so once more.