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Thread: Quake triggers tsunami in Samoas, killing dozens

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    Quake triggers tsunami in Samoas, killing dozens

    Quake triggers tsunami in Samoas, killing dozens - Yahoo! News

    A powerful Pacific Ocean earthquake spawned towering tsunami waves that swept ashore on Samoa and American Samoa, flooding and flattening villages, killing at least 39 people and leaving dozens missing.
    Looks like the death toll is rising. has more pictures than Yahoo or CNN have. God bless those affected by this.

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    Re: Quake triggers tsunami in Samoas, killing dozens

    Just a few hours ago I heard on the radio that Oregon and California both were under the threat of a Tsunami but in reading an article in the LA Times on line it says no warning was issued. Then looking again that had changed.
    USGS is saying on their web site that it was an 8.0 quake and even at that huge magnitude it would be amazing for a Tsunami to reach California because it's almost 5000 miles away. Sadly there is no warning plan or system in place to prepare people in the event of such an occurrence.
    Having lived for 16years south of Hoover Dam along the Colorado River I was amazed there were no plans in place should and earth quake or terror attack cause the Dam to fail. The area is riddled with faults they didn't know about in the 30s when the Dam was built. Today after pointing out the danger on the radio the City of Bullhead AZ. at least put up evacuation signs. How people would know to follow the signs is anyone's guess. I was told that the coast of a siren system is cost prohibitive. Yea like saving lives isn't important. I did a study and the cost was well within budget possibilities.
    I think the same cost excuse would be used along the coast until one hits and thousands or tens of thousands are killed then there will be a lot of well the chances were remote, blah blah blah, B.S.
    I say it's always better to have more than you need than to need more than you have, and that goes for being prepared and being warned in time to act, but that's me.

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