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Thread: They're torturing me, Zelaya claims

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    Talking They're torturing me, Zelaya claims

    (According to Google News, dated today, about 1/2 hour ago)

    They're torturing me, Zelaya claims

    Honduras' fallen leader told The Miami Herald he is being
    subjected to mind-altering gas and radiation -- and that
    `Israeli mercenaries' are planning to assassinate him.


    TEGUCIGALPA -- It's been 89 days since Manuel Zelaya was booted from
    power. He's sleeping on chairs, and he claims his throat is sore from toxic gases and
    "Israeli mercenaries'' are torturing him with high-frequency radiation.

    "We are being threatened with death,'' he said in an interview with The Miami
    Herald, adding that mercenaries were likely to storm the embassy where he has
    been holed up since Monday and assassinate him.

    This is almost enough to make me laugh to the point of incontinence!

    This is the man Obama is supporting over the apparently legal president of Honduras, and he's a lunatic!

    If I had a fortune to invest, I'd commission a comic opera about the Obama presidency. Oh, wait, it is a comic opera, isn't it?

    ARTICLE: They're torturing me, Zelaya claims - 5-Minute Herald -
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    Re: They're torturing me, Zelaya claims

    Thanks man. I spewed beer all over my monitor when I laughed at this goofy bastard.
    Quote Originally Posted by americanwoman View Post
    So there is absolutely no evidence this woman, whom you called a slut, did this but you are ready to take someone's word as evidence. Guess you don't think witch hunts have to end when it's going after the certain people.

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