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Thread: Mel Simon, co-owner of Indiana Pacers, dies at 82

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    Mel Simon, co-owner of Indiana Pacers, dies at 82

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    Melvin Simon, the son of a New York City tailor who started what is now the country's largest shopping mall company and owned the NBA's Indiana Pacers with his brother, died Wednesday, a spokesman said. He was 82.
    I'm a huge Indiana Pacers fan and I grew up in Indianapolis. Mel Simon was the reason why the Pacers remained in Indy instead of moving to Sacramento. Instead the Kings left Kansas City (ironically where I lived for 11 years after the move), and the Pacers stayed in Indy.

    He was also a great philanthropist and a huge supporter of the DNC. He was a quiet man who amassed his fortune do to hard work and foresight. He will be remembered for a long time and will be sorely missed in the Indianapolis community where he did so much for so many.
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