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Thread: Former Carter press secretary Jody Powell dies

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    Former Carter press secretary Jody Powell dies

    Former Carter press secretary Jody Powell dies

    By H. JOSEF HEBERT, Associated Press Writer – 1 hr 14 mins ago

    WASHINGTON – Jody Powell, who was White House press secretary and among the closest and most trusted advisers to President Jimmy Carter, died Monday of a heart attack. He was 65.

    Powell, a member of the so-called Georgia Mafia that descended on Washington after Carter was elected president, was stricken at his home near Cambridge on Maryland's eastern shore, said Jack Nelson, a retired reporter and close friend of Powell.

    Nelson said Powell had been working with firewood with a helper who briefly stepped away. Powell was discovered a short time later on the ground. He said Powell had had a previous heart attack in recent years.

    Powell, who first worked with Carter during his campaign for governor in Georgia the 1960s, joined Carter's presidential campaign in 1976 and served as chief White House spokesman from 1977 to 1981.

    Carter in a statement called Powell's death "a great personal loss" and said, "I will miss him dearly."

    Former Carter press secretary Jody Powell dies - Yahoo! News

    R.I.P. Mr. Powell
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