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Republicans demand airtime after Obama health address - Yahoo! News

Battle-ready Republicans are lobbying US television networks for airtime after President Barack Obama's crucial health care address to Congress next Wednesday.

In a letter to television network bosses, top Republican lawmaker Senator John Boehner asked for time "immediately following the president?s address to a joint session of Congress" on September 9.

Question is, how are they going to fill up 15 minutes or so with their party mantra: "No".

I think its always good though to give both sides time, that way Americans get to see both sides of the issue. I think this can only be helpful to educating people about the facts because whatever is said is going to be scrutinized and it is unlikely either side won't be called out on distorting facts.

I've got an idea though....the GOP should let that Louisiana guy do it again...you know.... that guy who is supposed to be their strong candidate for President...the guy to take on Obama....who gave such an incredible and stunning response for the GOP once before.
I don't know what they're bothering for. Few people are going to pay any attention to Obama's address and even less would watch the Republican response following it.