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Fortunately, the majority of people think that the Democrats' "solutions" aren't solutions.
Touche. I just get worried that because I think the majority in this country do want healthcare reform (and I agree that it's needed), that they'll eventually just jump on the bandwagon of Obama Care because it's the only "solution" out there. I think conservatives need to let their message of free market medicene overshadow the town-hall meetings and protests. I know some are out there, but I think they need to come up with a standard, formulated position that lays out their beliefs and ways to fix the healthcare system. This may have already been done, but if it did it gets minimal press, even on FOX News. I feel like most of the time conservatives have been on the defensive bashing Obama Care and haven't been on the offensive creating an alternative that is more appealing, more feasible, and less expensive. As far as I've heard, only Ron Paul and John McCain have laid out specific ways to fix the healthcare system, and McCain's was ok but I don't think it went far enough. Republicans, in my opinion, need to use this momentum they have created and create some legislation that lowers prices and increases competition in the healthcare field, but does it using the free market and capitalist principles, not more government intervention and regulation.