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Thread: Texas DNA exonerees find prosperity after prison

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    Texas DNA exonerees find prosperity after prison

    Exonerees will get $80,000 for each year they spent behind bars. The compensation also includes lifetime annuity payments that for most of the wrongly convicted are worth between $40,000 and $50,000 a year making it by far the nation's most generous package.
    Texas DNA exonerees find prosperity after prison - Yahoo! News
    The man focused on in the article was imprisoned for 23 years for a crime recently proven he didn't commit and will receive $1.8 million later this year.

    Perhaps Texas's judicial system should be looked at if they are leading the country in wrongful imprisonments. Though good for Texas for helping these people that have lost years of their lives by being wrongfully imprisoned.
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    Re: Texas DNA exonerees find prosperity after prison

    If I get in an accident where years of my one and only life were taken away from me, I have a right to more than 80k a year. However, it is still nice that they do something.

    Is it just me, or are people convicted by juries made of their own citizen peers. Normal every day people who believe in justice and political ideology and Jesus.

    If so, the fact that they lead the nation in wrongful convictions says a LOT about Texas.
    and so it goes...

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