BBC NEWS | Africa | Nigerian 'trained in Afghanistan'

A member of the Nigerian Islamist sect behind a deadly uprising in July has confessed to receiving military training in Afghanistan, police say.

The member of the sect known locally as Boko Haram and Taliban said he had been paid $5,000 (3,000) to do the training and promised $30,000 on his return.

The uprising in northern Nigeria left some 700 people dead, mostly militants.

If confirmed it will be the first proven link between Islamists in the oil-rich country and Afghanistan.

Local people called the group Taliban because of the radical beliefs.

For years Western diplomats have feared an al-Qaeda sleeper cell might launch attacks on oil infrastructure in Nigeria, which is an increasingly large supplier to the US.
It seems that more people are arguing against staying in Afghanistan. However, this article proves once again that allowing Afghanistan to fall into Taliban hands will indeed lead once again to the country becoming a trainng center for anti-Western terrorists. Should Western powers not stay the course and in the words of George W. Bush, "Take the fight to the terrorists.", or should we call it a loss and allow the Taliban to once again plot our demise? Thoughts?