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I'm guessing you don't have a little boy, right? Where do you think the term "pissing contest" originated?

Speaking of stupid stuff that guys (mostly) do in the military to kill time, have you ever seen Skippy's List?


My bro tells the MOST HILARIOUS stories about being a nuke on a sub for 10 years, and the stupid stuff they used to do to amuse themselves. They called it "big boys club."
Ok, is that site done by Tucker or Crippler?

Today I had pregnancy issues*, homework, and a small but paying graphic design job. And so as I look over at the half written post I have in the corner, as it cries and wastes away due to neglect, I am find myself forced to go "Movie night."

*Specifically my wife, had pregnancy issues. I tried to convince her that those issues did not necessarily need to concern me. That went about as well as you might expect.**

** Ow.