I wish they would do cash for clunkers for big trucks. I have this old clunker setting in the woods in Medford, looks kinda like this one, of course the tires are all flat and rotten.

The bumper still has a bit of chrome left though…such as it is, in between the rust spots; all but one window is broken out. I believe the bumper would hold up long enough to make it to the dealer if the guy with the hook didn’t hot rod it too much. Wouldn’t hurt if he put another chain around the front axel as well as the bumper. Must be the conservative side of me coming out, ya know belt and suspenders and all that rot.

I had a wino living in it for a while but had to kick his** last week, the smell was getting so bad the skunks were running the other direction.I have my bloodshot eyeballs on a nice shiny Peterbilt, with twin chrome stacks, air ride suspension, chrome lugs on the aluminum wheels. I guess I could scrape by with an ISX/450 Cummalong for the power, gotta have the Raised roof though, like them condos. Yep, sure would be nice if we had a cash for clunkers for big trucks. You think there is a chance of that making it thru congress TD?