BBC NEWS | Middle East | Turks begin Iraq-Syria mediation

Turkey has begun mediation between Iraq and Syria amid a deepening diplomatic row over insurgency bombings in Iraq.

Iraq accuses Syria of hosting camps to train insurgents and harbouring those responsible for recent bombings.

Syria has condemned the violence and has challenged Baghdad to provide evidence for its accusations.

Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has arrived for meetings in Baghdad, saying he hopes to re-establish an atmosphere of mutual trust between Iraq and Syria.

"If there is trust and goodwill between the two sides, it will be easier to overcome a crisis such as this," Mr Davutoglu told reporters at Ankara airport.

Confidence in Iraq's government and security forces was severely shaken by bomb attacks on 19 August at the foreign and finance ministries which killed about 100 people.

'Religious teaching'

On Sunday, Iraqi security officials made fresh accusations about Syria's alleged role, showing journalists footage of what they said was a Saudi militant confessing he had attended a training camp in Syria.
To many, this may seem as nothing of importance, but to me this is a very good sign that Iraq is indeed transforming into a democracy that opposes terror. Who would have thought a few years ago that Iraq would challenge Syria over it's role in harboring terrorists groups? Now they are, and I find it encouraging to see that perhaps all our efforts there may show fruitation. Thoughts?