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Thread: Mexico decriminalizes small-scale drug possession

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    Re: Mexico decriminalizes small-scale drug possession

    Quote Originally Posted by Oftencold View Post
    Actually, if you've ever been a hospital worker, you'll know that you tend to get many times more patients in the typical American hospital being treated for the results of abuse of legal drugs than for abuse of illegal ones.
    That comparison isn't really valid since certain drugs are inherently more dangerous in smaller amounts than others, and others may be more popular than others regardless of their legal status. I'm sure that a higher percentage of heroin users than alcohol users end up in the hospital.

    My point is that the illegality of certain substances means that people rely on criminals to provide it...and the purity of the substance is often questionable. Most cases of drug overdose are a result of people taking too much of a substance because they didn't know how pure it was. If it was sold at a commercial establishment with proper regulation, that sort of information could easily be printed on the side of the package.
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    Re: Mexico decriminalizes small-scale drug possession

    The solution I recommend, annexing Mexico?
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    Re: Mexico decriminalizes small-scale drug possession

    Quote Originally Posted by apdst View Post
    Don't think that just because whiskey is legal that the moonshine industry just up and died.

    Geez the book on the moonshine business written by the revenuer mentioned in your article is entitled "A Dying Art"

    But hey lets play with some numbers from your quote just for fun.

    50,000 gallons of moonshine every year, in a state that has a history steeped in making illegal moonshine, and is one of the largest producing states of moonshine, if not the largest.

    Lets be conservative here and assume that your average moonshiner is in it to make a decent income, so lets set a target income of $300/week from his enterprise (peanuts in comparison to even small fry drug dealer).

    I would say $30/gallon would be a generous estimate of how much he can profit per gallon of shine, so in order to make a paltry $300/week he would need produce and sell 10 gallons every week.

    Taking that further 10 x 52 weeks = 520 gallons annually.

    Now the total estimate for the state of Virginia is 50,000 gallons a year.. so lets divide this by the 520 annual gallons needed to sustain even a modest income: 50,000 / 520 = 96 people

    Wow!! 96 people can support themselves (barely) from the Moonshine estimates in VA. yup you got us.. that problem is HUGE!! 96 people!!! yikes!
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    Re: Mexico decriminalizes small-scale drug possession

    Quote Originally Posted by Metternich View Post
    I'll just say that source I trust impeccably because, frankly, it's me. It's how I purchased my two weapons at any rate.

    Are there violent crimes? Certainly, I haven't actually seen a gun duel break out but to believe that illegal activity doesn't beget more illegal activity would be one leap of faith I'm just not willing to put in a Earthly principle.

    Do they fund criminal activities? I would give my cautious nodding of the head, but consider it just base speculation. All I can say is just ask anyone if they've been to the Glamis sand dunes and they'll know what I am getting at.
    Yep, relative to drug dealing, it sounds like a hugh problem to me.


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