CAIRO — The crews of two Egyptian fishing vessels that overpowered pirates off the Somali coast have sailed into Red Sea waters on their way home along with eight of their former captors, an Egyptian official said Saturday.

The 34 fishermen, who were held for captive for four months, captured eight of the Somali pirates and were bringing them to Egypt, said Egypt's deputy foreign minister for consular affairs, Ahmed Rizq.


Nasr, who has been in telephone contact with his crew throughout the ordeal, said pirates seized the boats four months ago on their way to fish near Yemen.

A pirate who said he escaped Friday's attack told the AP that the crew fought them with machetes, tools and some of the pirates' own guns, killing two of the marauders.
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Good for them! They're free and there are 10 less pirates along the Somali coast!

I read in the article that they (the Egyptian secret services) have collaborated with other somali tribes. Maybe we could do that too, use tribesmen against pirates!