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Thread: Opposition Emerges to House's Jet Spree

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    Opposition Emerges to House's Jet Spree

    1. Just 2 days ago, it was the White House, a spokesman for Defense Secretary Gates, outing objections to Ms Pelosi's princess-like practices

    2. Today it's bipartisan members of the Senate

    3. $550 million is such a small amount, compared to the big picture, but POLITICS is THAT WHICH STICKS, equally the big stuff and the small

    4. Resentment against leadership, on its face, says AIRPLANES, but in its heart it's HEALTH CARE, CAP and TRADE, the STIMULUS...

    5. Ie, the BIG stuff

    6. Politics is that which sticks, and the question of congressional excursion is commencing to cling to the ribs of American sentiment like Thanksgiving dinner

    Opposition Emerges to House's Jet Spree -

    WASHINGTON -- Bipartisan opposition is emerging in the Senate to a plan by House lawmakers to spend $550 million for additional passenger jets for senior government officials.

    The resistance to buying eight Gulfstream and Boeing planes comes as members of both chambers of Congress embark on the busiest month of the year for official overseas travel. The plan to upgrade the fleet of government jets, which was included in a broader defense-funding bill, has also sparked criticism from the Pentagon, which has said it doesn't need half of the new jets.

    House Minority Leader John Boehner opposes the jet purchase. Two Missouri senators, Democrat Claire McCaskill and Republican Christopher Bond, said they would oppose funding for the jets when the legislation is taken up by the Senate in September.

    "The whole thing kind of makes me sick to my stomach," said Mrs. McCaskill in an interview Sunday. "It is evidence that some of the cynicism about Washington is well placed -- that people get out of touch and they spend money likes it's Monopoly money."

    Mrs. McCaskill said she was lobbying members of the Senate Appropriations Committee to oppose funding for the planes. She said she has spoken to several senators on the panel who oppose the funding, including Mr. Bond. A spokesman for Mr. Bond confirmed that he "opposed the funds for the jets."

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    Re: Opposition Emerges to House's Jet Spree

    Unless traveling into a War zone Congress should be required to travel on commercial airlines in coach class if they want to travel 1rst class they should have to pay the difference out of their own pockets. They waste more money than the jet set Auto Manufacturers did. I don't believe this is a partisan issue but one of waste to go with all their fraud and abuse on both sides of and in the middle of the isle.
    Like the poem says: "Let's send congress to Hawaii but let's send them on a bus."

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