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Thread: In good sign, job losses slow as unemployment dips

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    Re: In good sign, job losses slow as unemployment dips

    Quote Originally Posted by Lakryte View Post
    Cap and Trade has not passed Senate so it is not yet law. But I agree that if it were to become law the economy would be hurt.
    With a fillibuster proof Democratic majority in Congress, few, if any companies are going to spend money on operations, or exapansion of operations with the cap and trade bill so close to being a reality; nothing to encourage industries to crank up normal operations. It's bad now, C&T passing will make the jobs market apocalyptic.
    Quote Originally Posted by americanwoman View Post
    So there is absolutely no evidence this woman, whom you called a slut, did this but you are ready to take someone's word as evidence. Guess you don't think witch hunts have to end when it's going after the certain people.

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    Re: In good sign, job losses slow as unemployment dips

    Obama supporters better get used to Euroloon style high unemployment rates. If Obama wants to turn America into a feckless Euroloon style country, we are going to have chronic Euroloon style unemployment rates, lower wages, much higher taxes, and a general lowering of the living standards on top of Obama’s ration care and crippling cap and trade policies that will make every product in the country increase in price.

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