Obama officials eye more jobless aid, weigh taxes | Markets | Markets News | Reuters
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Top U.S. officials said on Sunday more steps may be needed to firm up economic recovery -- including extended jobless benefits -- and declined to rule out future tax increases to tame massive budget deficits.
So much for tax cuts for 95% of all Americans. Dear Leader has spent, now he must tax. He would have served the American people better had he simply not spent in the first place.
U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said the government needed to show the will to reverse deficits after the recovery, and would have to make some "hard choices" about whether this may include increasing tax revenues.
The only "hard choices" involving this Administration are the choices working Americans must make figuring out how to pay for Dear Leader's shopaholic habits.
Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said on ABC strengthening confidence in the economy could be dashed if home prices were to take another turn downward. He said he didn't believe that a steep drop was in store, but home prices had stabilized only temporarily.
And that's the sucker punch at the end....Dear Leader is going to tax more, but the economy is going to provide fewer sources for Dear Leader to tax. Dear Leader's pie-in-the-sky schemes and reckless gambling of trillions of taxpayer dollars failed, so now taxpayers have to bail his sorry ass out with still more taxpayer dollars.

Forget clinging to that Bible along with the gun, hold on to the wallet--because that's what Dear Leader covets most.