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Thread: Obama more bartender than mediator at beer summit

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    Re: Obama more bartender than mediator at beer summit

    Quote Originally Posted by americanwoman View Post
    That's the part that makes me most upset about this women getting involved and put into the limelight. Even if she did identify the men as black, so what? Gates is black. She would have been doing nothing more than giving valuable information to the dispatcher had it in fact been a break-in. Yet should would have been labeled a racist, simply for providing facts. It's just complete bull****, you know.
    I bet that'll be the last time she looks out for her neighbors. It's a shame, really. The victim in this whole fiasco was the only one trying to do the right thing and doing it correctly.

    (ps AW. We're holding a card for you at the GOP. We think it's only a matter of time until you join us. )
    Quote Originally Posted by soccerboy22 View Post
    You guys are weird.

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    Re: Obama more bartender than mediator at beer summit

    Quote Originally Posted by WillRockwell View Post
    Perhaps you would prefer Reuters?

    Black scholar agrees to beer with Obama, policeman | U.S. | Reuters

    There were thousands of hits in my query, I took the first, which was from New Zealand. I have nothing to apologize to the "good reverend" about, since he is once again lying and expecting his ditto-head cult to cheer his "victory". This story was reported on all media, including Fox, last week. By denying it you are demonstrating your ignorance of events and demonstrating your refusal to acknowledge the truth even when it is in your face.

    you are lying. Please, what was your "query" and what search engine did you use to get "thousands" of hits.

    I will wait. Time is for you to put up or concede you are making it up as you go along.

    Also link to FOX reporting this as you claimed. Again, I think you are lying.

    Barack Obama invited policeman and professor round for a beer to defuse row - Telegraph

    Please, you show one obscure report and you treat it as gospel when most all reports contradict your one story, and your new zealand blog. FAIL
    You should try to remember, ideas are conveyed by researching information, vetting sources, and confirming said information. Not by regurgitating talking points given to you by your "news" station.
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