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My goodness, You would think , from these posts that Americans receive H.C. from insurance companies. For profit insurance companies add competition? Where do you get this stuff? In what way do insurance companies provide efficiency? And "in a proper manner"?
Did you hear or witness the House hearings with insurance execs on the practice of recission?? That is how insurance companies compete. But it is nice to know that some Americans are happy to throw their H.C. $$ into the maw of investors as long as it has nothing to do with government
Profit as a goal breeds competition... direct consequence of human nature.
Competition allows for efficiency through innovation. simple economics

Which is why the marriage of the profit motive and the administration of H.C. should be divorced. It is a really bad (accidental) idea.
Profit by itself is not the problem. Its the "rules of the game" that are the problem.

You may have missed this, but Health Insurance companies have ALREADY consolidated - they call it merging and say it promotes "efficiency". For those of us living in small states, it means there is MacDonalds or Burger King when you go health insurance shopping.
my point exactly.

From an analytical point of view, one needs to try to understand why the companies consolidated in the first place, how that affects health care delivery, and what kind of policies can be put into place to change these incentives.

I suggest you read the following article. It explains clearly the opposing position to Obama's reform plan... better than most of us on the forum could... there are just so many factors to consider when you look at health care as a whole.