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Thread: Anti-Obama Rally in Jerusalem

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    Re: Anti-Obama Rally in Jerusalem

    Quote Originally Posted by sam_w View Post
    No, not at all. But this is a significant point in history. Ask a county like Chile, or whatever nation whether they faced an embargo, odds are they were not supplying arms to Israel during this war. I am not even saying I disagree with the policy then of supplying Israel with arms, but merely pointing out that our friendship even then did come at a cost.
    Then you should have chosen to present it in a better way.
    The Israel-Palestinian conflict is the number one issue that inflames hatred and distrust towards the U.S. - Again, this is a simple fact.
    Then I'm sure you'd have no problem with providing a clear cutting evidence for it, from the same type of evidence that exist for any other kind of a 'simple fact'.
    I am sorry if you are either not aware of this, or chose to selectively ignore this. Arguing this is like arguing the moon does not exist. Ask any given scholar, author, journalist, researcher, etc.. knowledgeable about this subject and they will tell you the same thing. I really do not know what to say to a comment like this other than to ask if you have bothered to turn on a TV the past 20 years.
    Oh great, I didn't know I fell on this type of person, if I did know that I wouldn't start an argument with you.
    You will make a bizarre claim, one that no one sane would agree with, and then claim that it is "as true as the moon's existent" and that everyone would agree with you.
    In Israel, we'd say "you are living in a bad movie, and you better return the video to your nearest Blockbuster."
    Again, prove it.
    If it's such an outshining fact of truth, and not one of the most bizarre claims one has ever made in these forums, then I'm sure it'd be no problem for you to get a clear-cutting evidence, o' decider of facts.
    Question, do you know what people throughout the region (aside from Israel) call Israel's day of Independence? Day of the Catastrophe.
    Of course I know that many Arabs decide to paint Israel's creation as a Catastrophe, that's no secret.
    What you did though was a generalization saying that every freaking person in the region does it, so I guess you aren't really as Liberal as you claim you are.

    You do know however that they call you guys the Big Satan, right?
    We have given close to $110 billion dollars in aid, most of which are grants, not loans......But I'm sure you've already knew this.
    Your weird way to try and mock me has completely ignored the fact that I have not said anything to contradict it.
    What I gave were mere facts, you can check them on Google, unlike your kind of facts that only exist in one's mind.
    Again, just stating a fact. Right or wrong, terrorism directed at the U.S. since the 1970s have all been traced to this singular issue. Sure it is a possibility had a peaceful solution in 1978 that was comprehensive to the region could still have produced another excuse, but what we know and have to go on is simple; Hijackings, kidnappings, assassination, bombings, etc.. directed at the U.S. by these different groups have all had one singular root issue with us. Whether it was Marxist Palestinians or Fundamentalist Islamists has made no difference.
    Oh, my apology, I honestly thought you're blaming Israel for a lost of US lives or painting it as if Americans have died for Israel.
    At this point the discussion just has no point, you really need a better education on this topic. I don't honestly mean to sound insulting, but this is a truly ignorant statement void of zero facts. It simply is just NOT how the Middle East works. I would suggest a start would be either read Thomas Friedman's writings, or check out online PBS Frontline episodes on this issue.
    I would suggest you'd do better and avoid issues you have absolutely zero education on, and especially avoid mocking people with a billion times more education on the topic than you have.
    Not to sound insulting but you've presented an ignorance on the subject as if you've never been to the ME, never fought as a soldier in an Arab/Muslim nation, never studied the subject of Islam or the subject of the ME and haven't been part of major counter-terrorism plans.
    From an observation of your arguments in this thread, one could point out that you have probably based all of your opinions and imaginary "facts" on a book of Thomas Friedman or something like the PBS frontline episodes.
    Any relation between you and a drop of truth about the region, terrorism or Islam's vision of the West is completely coincidental and should be taken as the utter opposite from the shining beacon of truth, which by the way obliterates every single argument you have, or to put it correctly, have tried to present here, and probably outside these forums.
    <sigh> Well it is nice to know you are capable of seeing this issue in an unbiased manner. Sorry for the sarcasm, but right now THIS is the number one issue that the Palestinians are concerned with, and have been for quite some time. Kind of relates to the whole contentious issue with "Right of return" look this up.
    This ain't sarcasm, this is a pathetic try not to sound ridiculous in what could only be described as the unavoidable.
    The settlers' expansion in the already-existent 500 square meters sized land settlements is far from being the top issue in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
    What the Palestinians consider as their top priority is not automatically declared as the worst result of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
    I'd remind you that people die here - blood is being spilled.

    Well I guess the President has to be more diplomatic, good for him. I don't.
    Indeed, you are not.
    What you are also not is the President, and the opinions you so humbly choose to describes as moon-existing level facts will luckily never be used in the White House or in any other Western nation that believes in common sense and avoids being ridiculous on a daily basis.
    You are missing the circular issue, as long as the expansions continue there will be no settlement because there will be no negotiations. It is a completely reasonable and understandable request to make on Israel's part.
    This is simply wrong, I have nothing to add.
    There is a book I have, Six Days of War by Michael Oren. It details the stalling and delaying tactics Israel used in 1967 to complete their seizure of the Golan Heights before a U.N. ceasefire came into effect. Israel for all intents and purposes is repeating this tactic. They are right now being as equally belligerent as Hamas is at the moment (notice I say at the moment).
    And this seals our argument.
    Enjoy your movie, pal.
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    Re: Anti-Obama Rally in Jerusalem

    No intent in sounding insulting, but some of the posts here show that the poster may not really have a full understanding of the intricate and sensitive process of foreign affairs. Not that I am a fully studied veteran either, but seems it should be obvious that there is much more below the surface that can not be fully seen, and ignoring this in developing ones opinion on such a tricky subject in some sort of attempt to over simplify the whole issue is just plain wrong.

    I am not even sure I would want to have full knowledge of what has happened in the many dealings between the US and Israel, or any foreign country for that matter.
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    Re: Anti-Obama Rally in Jerusalem

    The best thing Israel has to offer, in my opinion, is Tashah.

    That girl ROCKS my world.

    <Cap's heart melts....." >

    It's GREAT to be me. --- "45% liberal/55% conservative"
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