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Thread: Obama says regrets remark in racially charged case

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    Re: Obama says regrets remark in racially charged case

    Quote Originally Posted by Erod View Post
    You're distracting from the basic issue here.

    The PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES took time in a press conference that was supposed to be about healthcare to call a Cambridge, MA, police officer stupid.

    Has a president ever gone after an individual citizen like that before?

    I wonder if he'd like to berate the dogcatcher in Tarrant County here, too.
    Let me think... Obama vs Joe the plumber, Obama vs Rush Limbaugh... those come to mind right off, I'm sure there are others.

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    Re: Obama says regrets remark in racially charged case

    No, not at all, not an individual citizen but a police officer on the duty.

    In order for this country to remain lawful Obama should be handcuffed in the same way anyone else who interferes with a police officer when the police officer is performing his duty would be handcuffed.

    Nice and easy. Then Obama could file a law suit or whatever.

    What a bum is obam. He cannot get rid off Wright’s mentality.
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