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1 - there is no health care plan, so how could the Repugs have formulated a diagram of it?

2 - if it doesn't exist and they claim it does, "misleading" is a charitible word. What it is is a lie

3 - I am not "carrying anyone's water". I am a Democrat on a mainly Ditto-head debate forum, representing the majority of Americans who support the Obama administration

4 - The economy has already begun heading "out of the crapper", but it will take at least a couple of years until we no longer smell the stench of the Republican administration.
1. Then what does that 1,000-page document (that Obama didn't read) actually talk about?

2. It exists. Democrats just don't want to talk about the disgusting details of it.

3. Obama is now below 50 percent approval in the latest Rasmussen poll.

4. No, the main street economy is still in the crapper. Wall Street is firming up because there is hope now that Obamacare is looking like it will fail, and a second stimulus looks very difficult to pass. Conservative thought is starting to win over again, as usual.