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Well, there's several issues on display here.

IMO, the most egregious issue is the practice of piggy-backing a gun-related amendment onto a defense authorization bill. That practice should stop, and all parties are guilty of it.

The second issue is I don't see where Congress has the authority to regulate the non-commercial transport of firearms throughout the country. It's not covered by the Interstate Commerce Clause, and national defense isn't interstate commerce, anyway.

And lastly, the Constitution requires that each state give full faith and credit to the public Acts, Records, and judicial Proceedings of every other State.
(Art IV - Sect 1)

The issuance of a concealed weapons permit is no less and no more a matter of public act and records as the issuance of a driver's license, and should be treated in the same manner, thereby making this amendment unnecessary.

These are all excellent points, Damn. I have a UTAH CCW... Damn..... I live in Jersey.... Damn....


And Danny's point is right on as well.