Al-Jazeera Shut Down in West Bank After Guest Accuses Palestinian President in Death of Yassir Arafat - International News | News of the World | Middle East News | Europe News -

The Arabic news channel Al-Jazeera was forced today to suspend its operations in the West Bank, one day after a guest on the station accused the Palestinian President of playing a role in Yassir Arafatís death.

The guest, Farouk Kaddoumi, said on a talk show yesterday Ė without presenting any evidence Ė that Mahmoud Abbas had played a role in the death five years ago of Arafat, the revered founder of the Palestinian national movement.

In a statement announcing the suspension, the Information Ministry did not mention Mr Kaddoumiís comments, only accusing the popular Arab satellite TV station of incitement and unbalanced reporting from the Palestinian territories.

The statement added that the ministry took particular issue with an Al-Jazeera broadcast yesterday, without elaborating. The ministry is suing Al-Jazeera, and the stationís operations are suspended until the court has ruled.

The stationís employees in Ramallah were seen piling files into black garbage bags and carrying them out with cameras, computers and other equipment before Palestinian security officials arrived to close the office.

The closure affected both the English and Arabic services of the channel.

Wow nothing like Freedom of the Press in the Palestinian Territories oh yea what am I thinking duh