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The exact crimes brought to light remain to be seen, just as Al Capone was prosecuted for tax evasion. Nevertheless, you cannot do what Bush did, lie to Congress about the necessity for war, mobilize the military without justification, evesdrop on American citizens conversations and email without search warrant, torture detainees and imprison them without recourse to justice....we know all these things are wrong, exactly how they are crimes remains to be decided.
Three words:

ex post facto

If you can't say how it's a crime now, it's not a crime. Call it wrong if you like, I might even agree with you in some of the particulars. Do not call it a crime if you can't point to a statute that was violated.

If the law does not preclude, it is not a crime. Merely being wrong is several reams of paper and about three gajillion Congressional debates from being criminal.