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Thread: Roland Burris will not run for Senate in 2010

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    Roland Burris will not run for Senate in 2010

    If he had decided to run, the Republicans not only would have had a field day with him, but IMHO, would also have won that Senate seat.

    The Democrats like to talk about the Republican culture of corruption, but guess what? Corruption knows no party or ideology. Burris himself is a poster boy for cleaning up your own back yard before criticizing others. I should be glad that he is not running, but I was hoping he would, and the Democrats lose that Senate seat. The Democrats have too much power, and the old adage of absolute power corrupting absolutely is a proven fact. First look at the Republicans, until they got their asses handed to them, beginning in 2006, and continuing in 2008. Then look at the Democrats. They seem to be going down the same arrogant road their predecessors did. I don't hold out much hope in 2010 for teaching the Democrats the same lesson the Republicans were taught, but guess what? In 2012, the Democrats will have many more Senate seats to defend than the Republicans, and I believe that will be the year the pendulum will begin to swing back the other way. Then back and forth, back and forth, etc, ad nauseum. For those interested in the equation of a swinging pendulum, here it is:

    It is a differential equation, and if you are not a mathematician, scientist, or engineer, it may be quite daunting. But, for the average lay person, it is easy to just say that this equation is what now governs our political process, and will continue to do so, until both Democrats and Republicans are taught a serious lesson. That lesson is the following:

    Term limits, anybody?

    Article is here.
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