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Oh please, you are actually comparing gun regulation to implanting every U.s. citizen with a chip?
If they can twist the 2nd amendment to allow backdoor infringements why wouldn't they do the same to any other right?

And yet again you ignore reality in the fact that to implant every U.S. citizen with a chip,
Every citizen either needs ID,driver's license, passport, tax payer services or something else. The government can coerce people into implanting a ID chip in order to get those things. So it would be easier than you think. This attitude that it is okay to allow something just because of perceived incompetence of the government is naive and dangerous .

you would have to ENTIRELY abandon the constitution and if that happened,

They ignore the constitution in regard to the 2nd amendment,why is it so hard to imagine that they would do the same thing regarding other rights?
no stupid bill passed would stop it.
If more states adopted this and then pushed for it on a federal it would.
Hence this bill was nothing more than a waste of time except to appease all the conspiracy theorists out there that don't recognize that if the U.S. did such a thing to all citizens some stupid bill wouldn't stop them.
Seeing how you ignore the fact that rights have been ignored in the past with "justifications" you are the one ignoring reality.