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Thread: 6 Mousavi Supporters Reportedly Hanged

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    Re: 6 Mousavi Supporters Reportedly Hanged

    btw, mousavi is smart. it was stupid to get killed before even the movement gets stabilized. from now on, the count down has been started and people are like fire under the ashes. they will rise soon.

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    Re: 6 Mousavi Supporters Reportedly Hanged

    Jerusalem Post... not exactly an unbiased source.

    Saying that it would not surprise me one bit if it actually was true.

    As for the west abandoning the "revolutionary" forces.. totally bs.

    The west including the US and UK have done exactly the right thing in this situation. They have as much as possible stayed out of an internal situation due their historical ties to that nation. If the US or/and UK had done what the warmogering US right and Israel wanted and gone publicly behind the reformers then there would never have been any demonstrations and those speaking out against the election would have been dismissed as American/UK spies and what not.

    Look at what the regime has been trying to do, blaming everything on the UK at first and then the US later on. Because the US and UK pretty much shut up during the whole situation and backed no one, the effectiveness of said BS from the Iranian regime has been seriously reduced. Sure they are using the excuse regardless of what the UK and US have said, because they know that anything with "UK and US involvement" strikes at a core historical issues that would pull together the Iranian people under one banner yet again, but so far it is not working as intended. No Iranian politician even the "reformers" could continue a political fight with the radicals if the stigmata of "UK and US involvement" got painted on the situation. That would be like a Republican in 2002 going against the Iraq war.. they would be lablled as traitors and what not, and in Iran actually arrested.

    But the more fanatical comments from the US right and Israel will only play right into the hands of the Iranian regime and solidify their grip on power.. but then again, that is probably what the US right and especially the present Israeli government want. Confrontation and war are the bread and butter of right wing politics.

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