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Thread: Switchblade law opponents cut in Hill fight

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    Re: Switchblade law opponents cut in Hill fight

    Quote Originally Posted by Goshin View Post
    Me? Who? What? Where? Oh...

    Heck I don't know. I've corrected so many people who had not one clue what an "assault weapon" was, other than "they were agin' 'em!", that I can't possibly remember them all. Probably in almost every single gun thread I've participated in, which is too many to remember. No idea whether Utah Bill was one of them or not.

    Can't let folks run around with them-thar "assault knives" doncha know.

    I carry a knife that was originally designed for one-hand opening. I modified it (I like to mess with knives) so that when you pull it out of your pocket (clip), it opens by itself.

    It isn't primarily a weapon to me (I carry a gun daily), but a useful tool. When my right hand is occupied with some exacting task like tying off the last line on a weight-pressurized bundle of stuff, and I suddenly realize I need to cut a cord, I can pull the knife left-handed and use it while my other hand is occupied. Saves a lot of bother.

    stevenb has confused me with another poster.....I am for gun rights, altho I don't see NEED as much as WANT in some weapons....
    as long as people are responsible, have at it.
    Now if we can just get the criminals from having access to anything more dangerous than a fingernail clipper......
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    Re: Switchblade law opponents cut in Hill fight

    Quote Originally Posted by rathi View Post
    That is absurd. Pretty much any folding knife can be opened one handed, including perfectly harmless tools like a leatherman or swiss army knife. What the hell are these morons thinking?

    The laws against switchblades are not only stupid, they clearly violate the Heller decision
    Quote Originally Posted by calamity View Post
    This is a thread about gun control. You want to discuss crime control--start a thread in the appropriate sub forum.

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