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Thread: Azerbaijan military spending sores, Karabahk guns ready

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    Azerbaijan military spending sores, Karabahk guns ready

    When oil-rich Azerbaijan recently announced a huge increase in military spending, there was speculation that it might be preparing for war with Armenia, its neighbour in the Caucasus.

    It is just 15 years since they were last at war, over the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh.

    The conflict between the two former Soviet states made headlines around the world, and left at least 25,000 people dead.

    But how realistic are the fears of renewed conflict?
    BBC NEWS | Special Reports | Karabakh guns still at the ready

    Khazar Ibrahim, a former spokesman for the Azeri foreign ministry, told me that "unless Armenian troops withdraw from Azerbaijani land there will be no co-operation, and only after that will Azerbaijan extend its open unclenched hand."

    So, does this mean Azerbaijan is ready to go to war?

    "We hope not, but every nation has the right to self-defence and no nation in the world will tolerate the occupation of a huge chunk of its territory," says Mr Ibrahim.
    Frontline seen from the Armenian side
    Thousands were killed when Armenia and Azerbaijan went to war

    Azerbaijan has dramatically increased military spending in the past five years. In 2009 it raised its budget to nearly $2.5bn (1.5bn, 1.7bn euros).
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