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As excuse, yes.

The destruction of the USS Maine was the excuse for war with Spain in 1898. However, that excuse was merely the final impetus for a desire for war that had been brewing for some time. It rationalized what America already desired.

America does not desire war with Iran. Even within President Bush's doctrines of preemption, America did not desire war with Iran.

Neda's martyrdom is cause for outrage, but such outrage, absent the pre-existing desire for war, will not lead to war.

I think that war with Iran is not likley but the lack of desire or lack of fire is not the only reason for not going to war Iran. We are just getting out of a protracted war in Iraq where a sizable number of us fealt was embaked upon on questionable grounds and we are back in the future again in Afghanistan.

A war with Iran would have to be provoked pretty strongly by the Iraniacs of Iran before we take action. And even if we had to take action I would not hold my breathe waiting for an invasion.