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Thread: Fidel Castro's son tricked in Internet love sting

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    Fidel Castro's son tricked in Internet love sting

    Fidel Castro's son thought he was in love with a woman from Columbia. Turns out that he was in love with a man from Miami, who tricked him in order to tweak the nose of the "vaunted" Cuban security.

    ''Guess where I am and I will make love to you without stopping,'' Antonio Castro Soto del Valle, Fidel's son and physician for the Cuban national baseball team, reportedly wrote ''Claudia'' during a January trip to Russia with his uncle Raúl.

    But ''Claudia'' turned out to be Luis Domínguez, a Cuban-born Miamian who unveiled the sting on Americateve TV Channel 41 in Miami, saying it was designed to ''shatter the myth of an impenetrable'' security system.

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    Mr. Castro, if you are breaking up with that gorgeous hunk of woman, let me at him... er, I mean her.

    Article is here.
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    Re: Fidel Castro's son tricked in Internet love sting

    I forgot that Castro had spawned some evil offspring. Didn't the little Commie have a daughter who defected from "the workers paridise" ?
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