White House: US may confront ships near NKorea - Yahoo! News

"WASHINGTON – The Obama administration said Friday it is prepared to confront ships believed to be carrying contraband materials to North Korea but will not try to forcibly board them, in accordance with new U.N. sanctions."

HMMM Sounds like a blockade, I sure don't know what I'm talking about.


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HA HA Ha man you have no ****ing idea what your talking about at all. First off where would you send the US Navy for this Blockade and what are you going to stop huh just KN Flagged vessel or you going to also stop other Country flagged Vessels. Next you do understand that in order to shot down one of their Missiles we will have to move at least 15 Aegeis Destroyers into the China Sea and the Sea of Japan you really think the Chinese are going to let this happen or the Russians.