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Thread: Republicans Seize Control of New York State Senate

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    Re: Republicans Seize Control of New York State Senate

    Here I thought a "switcher" was someone who sticks his thumb in his butt and the other thumb in his mouth and switches.

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    Re: Republicans Seize Control of New York State Senate

    The Dems have now locked the Senate doors stalling any further business.

    There was no work done in the Senate Tuesday. Here's why:

    Right now the doors to the Senate are locked, so the big question is whether Dems open it in time for session Wednesday.

    "I'm hoping by 3 p.m. tomorrow the former majority leader will realize we have to move on and start working," said Sen. Tom Libous, R-Binghamton.

    Republican senators said it's unconstitutional for Democrats to keep the door locked.

    Chaos Rules The Day In The Capital District -

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    Re: Republicans Seize Control of New York State Senate

    Ok I just got this email from the state LP describing the Senate coup.

    The Coup

    What happened? Pedro Espada Jr (D-Bronx) and Hiram Monserrate (D-Queens)
    decided to caucus with the Republicans to form a Republican majority.
    The Republicans named Espada temporary President of the Senate and
    Republican Dean Skelos of Nassau County Vice President and Majority
    Leader. Skelos was majority leader in 2008 prior to the election.

    A resolution electing the new leadership was introduced at 3pm, and
    ruled out of order by the senator presiding over the chamber, Neil
    Breslin (D-Albany). Sen. Thomas Libous (R-Binghamton) then shouted for a
    roll-call vote on that order, which, after considerable legal huddling
    by Democrats, was permitted. In the far corner of the room, Espada and
    Monserrate, his seat-mate, rose to join the Republicans on the other
    side of the chamber.

    At that point, trying to stop the vote, Breslin declared the session
    adjourned and stormed out. Power and internet service were turned off,
    and the in-house television station that carries Senate proceedings live
    in the Capitol went dark. All that appeared on the screen was a still
    photo of the Senate chamber and the words "Please stand by." Guards
    threatened to lock the door. Down the hall, state troopers began
    guarding the Democrats in a closed-door strategy session.

    At that point, Libous secured a vote to put Sen. George Winner
    (R-Elmira) in charge of the proceedings. The remaining 32 members -- a
    majority in the 62-member house -- then ruled the move by Democrats to
    adjourn out of order. They gaveled back in, pushed through the
    leadership change and swore in the new leaders. Five minutes later, the
    power was restored, and revealed the deposed Democratic leadership in
    the Senate replaced by its new authorities.

    However, the Democrats refused to accept the vote, and claim they are
    still lawfully in charge. Secretary of the Senate Angelo Aponte, a
    Democrat, has locked the chamber and refuses to surrender the keys. The
    Democrats have vowed to keep the Senate from meeting unless their
    leadership is reinstated. They plan to challenge the vote in court. The
    Republicans say they will simply meet elsewhere, outdoors if necessary.

    Who else is reminded of the coup that ended the Soviet Union? Guess we
    still have the most dysfunctional state government in the country.
    Business as usual for New York politics -- as Senator Betty Little
    (R-Glens Falls) put it, "The biggest surprise is that the plan wasnít
    leaked ahead of time."

    Rules Changes

    The new majority passed some rules changes, including term limits for
    Senate leadership positions, measures to equalize earmark, staff and
    resource allocations, and a provision allowing a majority of Senators to
    bring legislation to the floor for a vote -- previously the Senate
    leadership controlled the process. Many of these changes were sought by
    Paychex founder and billionaire Tom Golisano.

    Full list of rules changes:
    Skelos’s statement + rules changes - New York Politics Capitol Confidential - Albany Times Union -

    Effect of Stalled Legislation

    The state legislature must approve any county sales tax over 3% every
    two years. Many counties, including Monroe County, charge 4%. If the
    Senate does not reconvene before the session ends June 22nd, many
    counties will face budget shortfalls.

    Paterson complained that the battle stalls progress on legislation he
    wants to cap state spending, curb property tax increases by local
    governments and allow same sex marriages.

    A law giving the New York City mayor greater control of New York City
    schools is scheduled to expire at the end of the month unless the full
    Legislature acts. Senate Democrats have sought to take away some of
    Mayor Michael Bloomberg's authority while maintaining overall mayoral
    control. But Bloomberg and the Senate's Republican conference have been
    very close on policy, and the billionaire mayor has funded many of their
    campaigns. Bloomberg has given New York State Republican Senate campaign
    committees more than $1.3 million since 2003, according to New York
    State Board of Elections records.

    The new majority has released a calendar of bills to be voted upon -- if
    they're able to meet somewhere other than the Senate chambers. The list
    includes authorization for 10 counties to increase sales taxes, allowing
    tax-increment bonds backed by property taxes levied by school districts,
    and authorizing Westchester County to sell bonds through electronic
    bidding in a three-year pilot program. There is no companion
    tax-increment bond bill in the Assembly.

    A number of gun control bills had passed the Assembly and appeared
    likely to pass the Senate, but appear to be dead at this time.
    Interestingly, the media has been completely silent regarding these
    bills, even as they detail the many other bills now in doubt.

    Tom Golisano

    Tom Golisano claims his PAC, Responsible New York, played a major role
    in the coup. "Responsible New York, particularly Steve Pidgeon. We went
    to work and Steve brought these factions together over a period of six
    or seven weeks and today was culminated by the announcement that we have
    a new majority leader in the Senate and they passed these reforms like,
    easy," Golisano said.

    Mr. Golisano played a role in negotiating original deal under which
    Espada and Monserrate -- along with Ruben DŪaz (D-Bronx) and Senator
    Carl Kruger (D-Brooklyn) -- gave their support to Mr. Smith. The deal
    included making Espada Senate President, but other Democrats refused to
    go along with the plan. The rules changes were also a priority for Tom
    Golisano. G. Steve Pigeon, his political advisor, said Monday that
    Golisano felt betrayed by Smith because the Democratic leader had not
    delivered the overhaul of Senate rules he had promised upon taking
    power. "He feels very strongly that he backed Malcolm Smith, and Smith
    didnít keep his word, and didnít make the changes he said he would,"
    said Pigeon. "What you will see now is power-sharing, real reform."

    Golisano spent more than $4 million last fall helping Democrats take the
    Senate. After becoming disillusioned with the Senate Democrats, he and
    Pigeon spent several weeks helping the Republicans with the planned
    coup. Sources say planning for the coup began six weeks ago in an Albany
    bar called Red Square, in a meeting involving Pigeon, other Golisano
    advisers, Skelos and Libous. By last week, Espada and Monserrate were on
    board. In a town that canít keep a secret, this one was amazing: even
    rank-and-file Republicans were not told what would happen Monday.

    "It was obvious to us they werenít going to keep their commitment, and
    that was very bad for New York State," Golisano said of Senate Democrats
    in an interview. He called Monday "a great day for New York," and said
    his disappointment with his financial investment with the Senate
    Democrats helped force Mondayís coup. "It didnít materialize," Golisano
    said of the donations he thought would fuel change in Albany.

    for Liberty,

    Chris Edes
    State Chair
    Jackboots always come in matched pairs, a left boot and a right boot.

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    Re: Republicans Seize Control of New York State Senate

    Quote Originally Posted by chevydriver1123 View Post
    The only reason Chicago beats us is because of Blago, at the very least Spitzer left when he got caught.

    Illinois (not Chicago, a city) beats every other state hands down for corruption. They managed to spawn Blago while still having a former governor in jail for corruption, not to mention the evil thing they sent to Washington.

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