Gordon Brown has suffered a devastating blow with a new opinion poll showing Labour's support in a general election falling behind the Liberal Democrats for the first time in 22 years.

The ICM poll for The Sunday Telegraph is the worst possible news for the Prime Minister as he enters his most important week since taking power with Labour expecting a hammering in Thursday's local and European elections.

The results, which show Labour has suffered particularly badly from the MPs' expenses scandal in voters' eyes, are certain to ratchet up speculation that Mr Brown will face a leadership challenge in the next few weeks.

Asked who they would support in a general election, only 22 per cent of voters back Labour, with the party slumping behind both the Conservatives on 40 per cent and, crucially for Mr Brown's future, the Liberal Democrats who are on 25 per cent.
Disaster for Gordon Brown as Labour falls below Lib Dems in new poll - Telegraph

First time in 22 years ... wow.
What do you reckon are the chances of a leadership challenge before the next election?