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Thread: Obama Set to Create 'Cyber Czar' Position

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    Re: Obama Set to Create 'Cyber Czar' Position

    Our nation has a staggeringly huge amount invested in internet infrastructure, and zero national policy for protecting those resources. A professionally organized attack could be apocolyptic at this point. Bush took some half-assed action during his term, but he did recognize that cybersecurity is a national issue and Obama is thankfully expanding the efforts. The preface to the report that recommended creating this position puts it well

    Source [ | Cyberspace Policy Review] (PDF)

    Cyberspace touches practically everything and everyone. It provides a platform for innovation and prosperity and the means to improve general welfare around the globe. But with the broad reach of a loose and lightly regulated digital infrastructure, great risks threaten nations, private enterprises, and individual rights. The government has a responsibility to address these strategic vulnerabilities to ensure that the United States and its citizens, together with the larger community of nations, can realize the full potential of the information technology revolution.

    The architecture of the Nationís digital infrastructure, based largely upon the Internet, is not secure or resilient. Without major advances in the security of these systems or significant change in how they are constructed or operated, it is doubtful that the United States can protect itself from the growing threat of cybercrime and state-sponsored intrusions and operations. Our digital infrastructure has already suffered intrusions that have allowed criminals to steal hundreds of millions of dollars and nation-states and other entities to steal intellectual property and sensitive military information. Other intrusions threaten to damage portions of our critical infrastructure. These and other risks have the potential to undermine the Nationís confidence in the information systems that underlie our economic and national security interests.
    The Federal government is not organized to address this growing problem effectively now or in the future. Responsibilities for cybersecurity are distributed across a wide array of federal departments and agencies, many with overlapping authorities, and none with sufficient decision authority to direct actions that deal with often conflicting issues in a consistent way. The government needs to integrate competing interests to derive a holistic vision and plan to address the cybersecurityrelated issues confronting the United States. The Nation needs to develop the policies, processes, people, and technology required to mitigate cybersecurity-related risks.

    Information and communications networks are largely owned and operated by the private sector, both nationally and internationally. Thus, addressing network security issues requires a public-private partnership as well as international cooperation and norms. The United States needs a comprehensive framework to ensure coordinated response and recovery by the government, the private sector, and our allies to a significant incident or threat.

    The United States needs to conduct a national dialogue on cybersecurity to develop more public awareness of the threat and risks and to ensure an integrated approach toward the Nationís need for security and the national commitment to privacy rights and civil liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and law.

    Research on new approaches to achieving security and resiliency in information and communications infrastructures is insufficient. The government needs to increase investment in research that will help address cybersecurity vulnerabilities while also meeting our economic needs and national security requirements.
    The only reason that our networks stay up and that every service from phone communications to the stock market doesn't grind to a halt is that nobody is trying to take it down. If something were to happen, what would we do about it and who would be in charge of doing it? These very fundamental questions have no answer, currently. I'm glad the government seems to finally be recognizing how vulnerable we are. Still, it's one thing to make another czar (I hate that title btw) and another to carry out the sweeping reform that any competent person filling that post will recommend. I'll reserve my judgement until I see what form the position takes
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    Obama creates job online security

    Obama creates top job for guarding online security -

    Im all for preventing cyber attacks, but net neutrality is just as important. I hope "security" isn't taken to extremes like offline "security" has been.


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